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Why Work With Me?

Great question! The short answer is because I have a unique ability to understand complex issues and communicate them in individualized ways. I also have a unique ability to read someone’s innate strengths and maximize them. There are several different mind/body recovery programs out there, but do you know the positives and negatives of each one in order to determine which might be most effective for you personally? Should you hire a therapist or just read a book about the concept of mind/body pain and hope for a “book cure”? Is journaling for you or is it going to stir up trauma from your past that will activate more of a stress response? How do you learn best? I can help you wade through your situation, bolster your belief, recommend resources and get you connected to a path with the greatest likelihood of success and pain free living. I can literally save you months of trial and error. Who doesn’t want that? 


LGBTQ+ individuals and their loved ones, 

Because I have worked with hundreds of individuals and families at this point through my nonprofit projects, I have a unique understanding of this community, the stressors, and how that can affect neural pathways and fire up chronic conditions. You won’t have to explain anything about your sexual orientation or gender identity. I get it coming in. I am an ally working for your benefit both here and through thousands of hours of volunteerism. You are safe.

Packages & Pricing

Private Consultation Package

Package Includes:

  • One 90 Minute Opening Session via Zoom

  • Three 60 Minute consultation sessions via Zoom

  • Private email access for additional support and ideas





After becoming a client, additional sessions via Zoom may be added at any time for $60/hour

***For those who already have a good understanding of TMS or mind/body symptoms, but are stuck in your progress and have questions, I do offer single session pricing at $100/session.*** 

**How I chose my pricing structure**


At the heart of it, I want to help people feel better. I know how small my life had become during my chronic pain years. I remember feeling double my age for “no apparent reason.” I remember being frustrated that my latest diagnosis was just a fancy word for the symptoms. (Migraine literally means throbbing headache, Benign Positional Vertigo literally means unexplained dizziness when I hold my head in certain positions.) I remember feeling like my body was falling apart. I want to save others from this cycle. I know the way. And I want to be fairly compensated for my time. I also believe that retraining our brains takes a bit of commitment. It's not usually a one week process. I like to see my clients through the stages of questioning and discovery that come up during the first couple of months. 

 What To Expect At Each Session


Prior to the Opening Session, you will be sent a detailed questionnaire of your symptoms and the modalities that you’ve used to cope with them through the years. The more detailed that you can be on the questionnaire, the better equipped I’ll be to help find you the correct path to a pain free life. 


During the Opening Session, I’ll be accessing your understanding of the concept of neuroplastic chronic pain and your level of belief that your symptoms are the result of learned pathways. I love skeptics, as long as there is an open mind. I’ll be educating you further on how treating all aspects of all your symptoms collectively aids in total wellness. Also during this session, I will be getting to know you, your personality, past stressors/events, your current stressors, and your preferred modes of learning, along with any time or money constraints. You will be given easy homework to work on during the following week which should lead you to awareness of patterns in your pain.


Session 2 is where we really began to connect the dots for you and cement your belief. Expect a menu of recommendations to be offered. This is a consultation, so you are paying me for my experience in this work, knowledge of all the different options out there, and understanding which has the highest chance of success for you given your history, personality and money/time limitations. Like any menu, you choose what speaks to you and what appeals to you. You take control of your own care. If you're not in control, nothing can happen. I’ll be giving you plenty of specific education around your menu choice to help you on your path. Session 2 is scheduled approximately one week after the Opening Session. 


Sessions 3 and 4 are follow up as you begin to work on your chosen program(s). Experience shows doing this work can unearth unexpected emotions and the subsequent feelings in the body. There is nothing to fear here. Entering into a state of safety through the process is paramount. I can answer questions, relate to how the journey was for me and others that I know or have helped. Session 3 is scheduled at least two weeks after Session 2 and Session 4 is one month after Session 3. In my experience, this gives you ample time to practice your chosen program, get some initial results, probably have a breakthrough or two, and develop additional questions. Email support is offered throughout.


Additional sessions can be scheduled if needed.

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