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But I Don't Want to Journal and Meditate!

So, you’ve read in My Recovery Story that I healed myself from a myriad of chronic conditions through a specific form of journaling, meditation and somatic tracking. Perhaps this has set off alarm bells in your brain because you don’t want to do those things or have tried them before and hated them or they didn’t work for you. I get that. I was initially VERY resistant to the meditation piece specifically. I had tried it numerous times in my life and just felt like an abject failure at it. And once I really started to uncover some painful emotions through my journaling, I became very resistant to that work as well.

Here is what I know. There are many paths out of the pain cycle that you're in. I found my path. It took trial and error with months of learning, trying, searching, reading, trying again and quite frankly, being desperate enough to keep going through the resistance. But you don’t have to spend that same amount of research time because I can help you. The very last thing we want to do is activate your fear around finding your path. If you’ve suffered capital T trauma and you DO NOT want to dig at that wound...YOU DON’T HAVE TO. Just knowing that there is a connection to fear and trauma and the pain you're feeling can be enough to break the cycle. You’ll have to do something to rewire your brain but it doesn’t have to be the same something that I did.


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