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Are You Saying The Pain Is In My Head?!?

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Are you saying that my pain is in my head, that it’s made up, or not real physical pain?

Yes, No, No!

All pain is interpreted by the brain. If we didn’t have a brain, we would never feel anything, pain or otherwise. All the pain/symptoms are 100% real, not imagined, and can be extremely debilitating. It’s just the root cause that we are talking about. The root cause of my back pain is not scoliosis, obviously, because I have the same crooked spine I’ve always had, and the pain is not there anymore. The root cause was the neuropathways that had been set in motion. (See 'How the Pain Cycle Is Created')


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I use the term mind/body pain throughout this website. Other names include tension myoneural syndrome (TMS), or neuroplastic pain. All are equally correct and descriptive.

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