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Are My Symptoms Possibly Mind/Body In Origin?

What is the probability your symptoms are mind/body in origin?

(Please check all that apply to you)

__ Do you have more than one symptom? Does a new symptom arise when a previous symptom is “fixed?”

__ Are your symptoms located in different areas of the body? Do your symptoms move around?

__ Did the symptom begin with no obvious trigger or cause?

__ If the symptom began after an injury, has it persisted long after the injury should have healed? (Healing of most physical injuries is complete in 6 weeks or less.)

__ Do your symptoms change in intensity?

__ Do your symptoms occur after, but not during, activity or exercise?

__ Are your symptoms triggered by or increased by stress or thinking about stressful situations?

__ Are your symptoms less severe or less frequent when you are engaged in enjoyable or distracting activities?

__ Are your symptoms less severe or less frequent when you are in an environment that feels safe for you?

__ Are your symptoms triggered by foods, smells, sounds, light, computer screens, certain types of chairs/beds, menses, changes in the weather or specific movements?

__ Are your symptoms triggered by the anticipation of stress, such as prior to school, work, a doctor’s visit, a medical test, a visit to a relative, or a social gathering or during those activities?

__ Are people who caused stress for you as a child still active in your life?

__ Did your symptoms begin soon after a terrifying, traumatic or horrifying event or after a triggering event that is linked to a trauma?

__ Over the course of your life, have you had other physical symptoms that your physician struggled to diagnose?

__ In the past or present, have you had an eating disorder (anorexia or bulimia), an addiction (drugs, alcohol, food, sex, work, gambling, shopping, exercise) or engaged in self-harm behavior?

__ Do you have worry, anxiety or fear that seems out of proportion to the current situation?

Checking more than three indicates a high probability of mind/body symptoms.

Chronic pain sufferers usually share common personality traits.

(Please check all that apply to you)

Would you describe yourself as?

1. Having low self-esteem _______

2. Being a perfectionist _______

3. Having high expectations of yourself _______

4. Wanting to be good and/or seen to be doing good things _______

5. Frequently feeling guilt _______

6. Feeling dependent on others _______

7. Being conscientious _______

8. Having high expectations for yourself _______

9. Being overly responsible _______

10. Taking on responsibility for others _______

11. Often worrying about or seeking to control situations _______

12. Having difficulty making decisions _______

13. Following rules strictly _______

14. Having difficulty letting go _______

15. Feeling cautious, shy, or reserved _______

16. Not having extremes in emotion _______

17. Tending to silence own anger or resentment _______

18. Caring more about others feeling than your own _______

More than five indicates a high probability of fitting the personality traits for someone who suffers from mind/body issues.

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